Ladies Off Road Garage at The Fab School

Ladies Off Road Garage at The Fab School

This event is like no other. We don’t have weekend courses EVER so if you are a lady who is serious about increasing your knowledge of metal fabrication and welding then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get started. We are teaming with the Ladies Off Road Network to provide a Ladies Off Road Garage course where 30 ladies will have the chance to learn a few of the fundamentals of fabrication. Some of the course may include welding, sheet metal work, chassis design, machining, and much more. Together with our instructors the group will fabricate a project which will incorporate many fundamental skills in the metal fabrication industry.

To learn more about this event and get registered please visit the >> Ladies Off Road Network >>.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call any time if you have questions about this event.

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