Graduate | Darron Hollis | Armor Works

"...knowing that I am building products that help protect and defend our country and people."

Fab School graduates work hard, they know what it takes to make both a customer and a boss happy and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when they jump in. Darron Hollis is the perfect example of just that. Shortly after graduation last summer Darron headed back home to Arizona and didn’t waste any time hitting the ground running.

He quickly started working for ArmorWorks Enterprise LLC, and hasn’t been happier! It is such an important life decision to pursue a passion when choosing your career, you won’t dread getting up for work every morning and you will perform much better, in turn, pleasing your boss and making better money in the long run.

Darron is doing what he loves, working with his hands and fabricating with a purpose. The type of fabrication that Darron is doing is building blast proof seats, armored vehicles, blast doors, and several vehicle components for other companies.

“The best thing about my job is knowing that I am building products that help protect and defend our country and people.”

“In my free time, I am currently working on my 1980 Ford Bronco rock crawler with a solid axle conversion.” – Darron

Let’s face it, the majority of the human population doesn’t work for fun; we work to make a living, raise a family and be a success not only to ourselves but for our legacy. If you’re working doing what you love for a living you will, in turn, be a better co-worker, perform better and have an overall confidence that will help you succeed.

Let yourself succeed, what are you waiting for?