Graduate | Solomon Tafoya | Bravada Yachts

"Follow Your Passion, and You'll Never Work a Day in Your Life"

Solomon graduated from The Fab School about a year ago and jumped feet first into his career, landing at Bravado Yachts in Arizona. Solomon joined a team of highly sought after fabricators who build these yachts from scratch, they are built completely of aluminum and from the ground up!

Solomon told us “I love what I do and I love a challenge; these yachts bring a new challenge every day. I love that I walk into the shop every day and always have something new to build. I am never stuck building the same stuff which is awesome! And the people I work with and for are awesome, I consider them family.”

Bravado Yachts was recently recognized in Arizona as the next up and coming business in the state, placing in the top three in Arizona for Best Overall Business!

We love seeing our graduates so passionate about working with metal; they truly enjoy waking up and going to work each morning.

We hear the saying, follow your passion, and you’ll never work a day in your life, quite often in our line of work. It’s true! It’s a joy to wake up and not cringe knowing we have to go to work. Working with metal and gaining an understanding of all aspects of it; how do we form it, how can we make it stronger, how can we make it last longer, what can we use it for, why is it so incredible, is a passion that us like-minded individuals gain knowledge and power from on a daily basis. Our graduates are continuing to learn and elevate their knowledge of metalworking constantly and making a good living doing it.

If you love finding out the how and why, are you putting your skills to work? Don’t settle for a career that makes you cringe, work harder now and enjoy your career for the rest of your life.

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