Graduate | Zach Stevens | Team C Racing

"This is my dream job, THIS is why I went to The Fab School."

“I’ve always had a passion for building things with my hands. My grandpa is a woodworker and has been for most of his life. I learned a lot about fabricating wood from him. I’ve always been into off-roading, I do a lot of hunting and fishing so I’ve always needed some sort of off-road vehicle. When I turned 16 I got my first Toyota rock crawler and immediately fell in love with crawling. My buddy built a 99 Tacoma for prerunning and took me for an 80mph ride across some gnarly whoops and that’s when I decided that was what I wanted to work on. I was a mechanic for almost 2 years when I googled metal fabrication and found The Fab School. A few months later I was enrolled and learning the great art of metal fabrication.

Fast forward six months later Zach has graduated from The Fab School and accelerated throughout his program. When Team C called us looking for one of our top graduates our instructors didn’t hesitate to give them Zach’s information. His passion for working with metal thrives his enthusiasm for the sport and we knew immediately he would be the perfect fit.

Zach works for Team C Racing, fabricating smaller things such as tabs for the fiberglass body or mending small cracks in the chassis that need to be fixed. “All of our large fabrication projects are sent over to Mason Motorsports (where we have another Fab School Grad working, Kyle Cunningham) because they have all the jigs for our trucks.”

“This is my dream job and the REASON why I went through The Fab School. If I had to pick one thing that I love about my job it would be that I have an entire shop to myself.”

We look forward to seeing Zach head down south to Baja for the next SCORE International race where this truck and teamwork will be put to the ultimate test, at the Baja 500.

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