Our Team

Troy Johnson
Fab School founder, Troy Johnson, ignited his passion for metal fabrication over 34 years ago. He started racing dirt bikes with a friend early in life and was quickly introduced to Baja and fell in love with the off-road industry and the adventures Baja had to give immediately. Johnson thrived
Joseph Westhoff
Director of Education
Joey Westhoff has been with The Fab School since the doors opened in 2005, and Johnson Fabrication prior to that. Westhoff took a few years in between to expand his fabrication knowledge and experience with a few different race teams. Joey was an intricate part of MacCachren Motorsports where he
Ronnie Warkentin
Ronnie’s passion for fabrication began over 24 years ago. Before The Fab School Ronnie spent the majority of his career building for the sand car industry. Working 9 years for Wicked Sand Cars, moonlighting with teams such as Damen Jefferies, Herman Motorsports Ronnie has built over 120 chassis and vehicles
Jake Ewan
Jake was introduced to fabrication during his service in the United States Marine Corps. Within his 13 years of metal fabrication, Jake has gained hands-on experience while fabricating repair parts for Military vehicles, among other types of metal fabrication prior to enlisting. While in the Military, Jake received Navy and
Angel Morfin
An instructor who is known through our halls as skillful and an amazing welder, Angel started at a young age racing and repairing quads in the Baja Racing Series. Before he graduated from The Fab School in 2011, Angel had worked on a multitude of fields within the metal fabrication
Luke Czaplinski
Luke is highly regarded in the industry with over 20 years’ experience in metal fabrication. Luke’s passion for metal fabrication started when he was young. At the age of 12, his father taught him how to weld and he quickly went to work in the industry at 16, welding for
Marcio Umanzor
With 20 years’ experience, Marcio’s hands-on approach and mentorship provide an invaluable element to The Fab School team. Marcio developed his expertise in custom motorcycle chassis fabrication and is passionate about creating something different every day. He is a highly motivated teacher whose message to students is to strive to
Nick Berlanga
Although Nick may be the newest member to our team here at The Fab School he is no stranger to metal fabrication. Nick has been an important part of the Canidae Racing team for many years and we are lucky to have him here at The Fab School passing on