The Fab School provides students with technical and hands-on skills required to become marketable candidates for employment in the metal fabrication and welding industry through class room activities and practical shop experiences.

Fundamentals of Fabrication

The Fundamentals of Fabrication program objective is to provide students with occupational training required for employment in the field of metal fabrication and welding. the curriculum is accelerated while embracing the hands-on approach to learning. Students can complete the program in as little as 7 months.

Areas of instruction include: safety, tape measure reading and calculations, industry math practices, MIG welding on flat and round materials, TIG welding on flat and round materials, rosette splice, fluff and buff, sheet metal, notching and bending, part construction, forming, pattern layout drilling, shocks, suspension basics, aluminum shaping and forming, mill and lathe operations, blocking and smoothing, chassis engineering, advanced project front suspension, rear suspension, static, career opportunities and life skills, and project build.

Examples of projects students may work on include: welding bench, trash can, bending, a-arm, sheet metal vase, tube transfer, wheel spacer, bowl, interactive group chassis project, software interactive of vehicle analysis, business research, and interactive group project build.

This program is 600 clock hours and can be taken on a part-time or full-time basis. The information below is a breakdown of each module within the program and the amount of lecture hours and supervised lab hours.

Module Lecture Hours Lab Hours
Safety 101 3 0
MIG Welding 101 7 42
TIG Welding 101 4 31
Aluminum 101 4 37
Notching & Bending 101 7 16
Part Construction & Forming 101 7 16
Shocks 101 11 0
Suspension Basics 101 11 0
MIG Welding 200 0 22
TIG Welding 200 0 22
Lathe Operations 101 4 16
Mill & Lathe Operations 200 4 20
Blocking & Smoothing 101 3 16
Chassis Design 200 4 44
Front Suspension Theory and Design 50 18
Steering Theory and Design 300 4 4
Rear Suspension 300 38 18
Interactive Analysis 300 4 4
Safety by Design 300 4 4
Career Opportunities & Life Skills 100 8 0
Advanced Projects 300 20 72
Overall 190 410

***This program does not lead to a certified welder license.***

***If a student is interested in learning welding only, he or she is encouraged to enroll in a community college welding program.***

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