Student of the Month

Since his first week of class Darren has shown he is ready to tackle any project or fabrication design that is thrown his way. No matter which project he was working on Darren is always attentive, meticulous, with a positive work ethic and drive. Darren just graduated and is already on his way to a promising career in the metal fabrication and welding industry.

What got you interested in The Fab School? A friend went through the program and now has a successful race shop. 

Why did you choose The Fab School?  The wide range of fabrication knowledge of the program.

What is your DREAM job?  I would love to build vehicles for a Mad Max film, but will settle for anything motorsports related.

If you could own ANY car, what would it be? Supra MK4

Tell us about yourself: I come from the midwest and get my work ethic from my father and grandfather. I strive to better myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

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