Student of the Month – Mark Kolt

The instructors here at The Fab School take pride in hand selecting our top students for Student of the Month each time. This month is no different as Mark Kolt stood out among his fellow fabricators. “Mark always has a good attitude, is eager to work, motivated and produces high quality projects time and time again.”

There is no doubt that when Mark graduates his high attendance and performance during our program will push him to the top in whichever career he chooses.

Continue your determination to be the best and your success will be soon to follow.

We sat down with Mark to find out a little more about his passion for fabrication and why he chose this path.

What got you interested in The Fab School?  I came to see the school and knew this was what I was interested in.

Why did you choose The Fab School? It is the only school that is fully equipped. 

What is your DREAM job? I am looking to get into Aerospace.

If you could own ANY car, what would it be?  Porsch GT3 

Tell us a little about yourself? I love to fabricate stuff and learn new things.