Student of the Month

Ryan Rockholt

Ryan’s instructors take pride in his work ethic on a daily basis and boast that he is the best welder and fabricator in class, “motivated to become the best craftsman he can be”. Ryan’s attendance and grade average prove that he is serious about turning his education into a promising career and there is no doubt with his efforts he will be successful.

What got you interested in The Fab School?  I was in metal shop in high school and found out I was pretty good at it, I wanted to get better. 

Why did you choose The Fab School? It seemed like the best place to continue my education. 

What is your DREAM job? I would like to own my own fab shop eventually, but until then I would like to get into aerospace fabrication.

If you could own ANY car, what would it be?  A Chevy Trophy Truck or a complete street rod version of by ’73 Chevy C10. 

Tell us a little about yourself? Fabrication and welding is the best thing in my life. It has pretty much the main thing I do and I love it. My goal after school is to get into aerospace fabrication and save up money to open my own fab shop.