Boy Scouts Earn Highly Coveted Welding Merit Badge

Exposing our Future to Their Many Opportunities

Our Nation needs to be training workers for 21st century careers, we as a country NEED to fill the skills gap. 

Our team at The Fab School knows how hard it is right now to find enough skilled workers; there is a huge skills gap in our industry and we are constantly working on closing that gap, even just a little at a time.

On Saturday, March 31st, The Fab School, in Rancho Cucamonga, hosted 173 Boy Scouts as they attended a Welding Merit Badge training class. The importance of exposing these young children to their many different career opportunities is undeniable. From elementary to high school, kids are learning less about skilled trades and being pushed more toward the traditional route of a four-year college. While that works great for some students, the truth is it’s just not for everyone. We are encouraging these young minds to go out and do their homework, research many different types of training and education and see what is best for them and what will help each student be successful for many years to come. These kids have to be exposed to the opportunities that are right there in front of them and learn about the variety that they truly have the choice to pursue.

What is the skills gap? Do you know what your opportunities are?

The Scouts that came to train for the day at The Fab School learned all about welding, what safety equipment is used, how welding works, the different processes that are used, and how to apply that knowledge to real-world life and career experiences. They also learned about where they could get a career with this type of training, and how successful they can become in the metal fabrication industry. Scouts came from as far away as Newport Beach, Palm Desert, and Clovis to attend this class and earn their badge, which is very rare to earn and highly coveted in the world of Boy Scouts. The Scouts had a great time and each took home the project that they had assembled, a reminder of the opportunities that lie ahead of them in their years to come.

The skills gap describes conditions in which the supply of workers with certain skills and abilities does not meet the demand from employers. Experts have been calling attention to the American skills gap for years.

The employment conditions regarding the skills gap make NOW a great time to start a career in the industry. With the need for skilled workers now is the time to start your career and get trained in something that you find great passion in. The passion behind your career makes it that much easier to get up in the morning!

Thank you to Boy Scout Troop 205, in Chino for putting this event together, we love spreading the word about Metal Fabrication & Welding and can’t wait for the next one.