Advanced Composites Program Details


Upon successful completion of the Advanced Composites and Technologies course, graduates will have a greater understanding of the entire Composites Manufacturing process. Through hands-on learning experiences, graduates will have successfully demonstrated skill-sets and capabilities in composites manufacturing, tool preparation, lamination, wet-layup, trim/finish, blueprints, oven curing, repairs, mix ratios, and sandwich panels consisting of core materials. Graduates will complete best shop practice for both manufacturing and repairs while completing individual projects as well as designed team projects that require a working collaborative with fellow students.

The “Advanced Composites and Technologies” course length is 172 Clock Hours, requiring 5.5 weeks of class attendance (four days per week) Monday through Thursday. The Advanced Composites and Technologies course is designed to provide students with the occupational training, knowledge, and skill-sets required by employers for entry-level employment in the use of Composites Manufacturing, Tool Preparation, Lamination, Wet-Layup, Trim/Finish, Blueprints, Oven Curing, Repairs, Mix Ratios, and Sandwich panels consisting of core materials. The curriculum embraces the hands-on approach to student learning, and the class size is designed to provide individualized instruction as well as group project work. Students will attend the day class to develop the knowledge and full range of composites manufacturing skill-sets necessary for entry-level employment, using the most widely used software design technology. Safety is an ongoing learning and demonstrated exercise throughout all segments within the course. As such, student learning will include general shop safety along with safety precautions utilized when using / operating each individual tool / machine they may have the occasion to use during this program.

Program Breakdown

Module Approximate Hours        
117 Introduction to Composites 8
118 Blueprint Reading 16
119 Composite Materials 48
120 Composite Factors 76
121 Repairs 24
Total Course Clock Hours 172

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