Congratulations Graduates | 6.13.18

Do NOT Sell Yourselves Short

Today we congratulate these men for their hard work, dedication, and passion over the last six months during their training in the Fundamentals of Fabrication program here at The Fab School. We are proud to say that these men are now entering the workforce and taking on many new challenges in their lives. Many students in this class didn’t miss one moment of their scheduled time here, graduating with 100% attendance and high GPA’s. These students took every opportunity to succeed and make the most out of their instruction; picking their instructors’ brains whenever the opportunity presented itself in hopes to gain just a little extra knowledge before they hit the ground running in search of their new careers.

Many of these students have already accepted great offers on their first career in the Metal Fabrication & Welding industry and we look forward to seeing their successes over the next few years as they build onward from here.

Look out for some of our graduates as they take on these endeavors and begin their journeys with companies like LSK Suspension, SMS Fabrication, Polaris РTaylor Dunn and Santa Cruz Nutritional. Your passions for metal fabrication will take you far and your dedication to yourself and your career is only just beginning.

To you gentlemen,

You put in 600 hours of training into your career, you have a skill-set that is in high demand, now it is your time to go forth and succeed. No matter where your journey with metal takes you do NOT sell yourselves short, you know your worth and do not take anything less than that.

Here's to Your New Future in Fabrication

Congratulations to today’s graduating class, the past six months you have learned the skills you need to begin your career in the metal fabrication and welding industry. You have made lifelong friends, and memories that you will never forget. Here’s to the next step of your adventure, go do great things!

“The journey doesn’t start at the beginning, it begins at the end.”