Disability Services

Disability Services

The Fab School is committed to providing support services to achieve equal access to the education experience. Disability Services (DS) approves and coordinates accommodations and services for students with disabilities at The Fab School to help students acquire skills essential to achieve academic and personal success. Registration with DS is on a voluntary, self-identifying basis. However, services are only available after a student has registered and presents certified current documentation of the disability from a medical or educational specialist. All information and documentation are confidential.

Please visit Disability Services FAQ for more information.

Disability Accommodations

As required by federal law, The Fab School will provide academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and services (collectively, “academic accommodations”) to ensure that it does not discriminate on the basis of disability. Academic accommodations are determined based on the student’s disability and individual needs. Academic accommodations may include modifications to academic requirements that are necessary to ensure that student s with disabilities are provided an equal educational opportunity.

In providing academic accommodations, The Fab School is not required to lower academic standards or modify academic requirements that can be demonstrated as being essential to the instruction being pursued by the student or to any directly related licensing requirement. In addition, The Fab School is not required to provide academic accommodations that would fundamentally alter the nature of a service, program, or activity, or that would result in undue financial or administrative burden taking into account the school’s resources as a whole. All financial resources are derived from student tuition and fees; The Fab School is not a publicly traded corporation.

The Fab School will not ask applicants or current students if they have a disability. The disclosure of a disability is voluntary on the part of the student. If a student with a disability wishes to receive academic accommodations, it is the student’s responsibility to inform the Executive Director of the disability and to follow the procedures outlined herein during the enrollment process to request the academic accommodations.

In addition, Section 504 and the ADA prohibit harassment based on disability that creates a hostile environment by interfering with or denying an individual’s ability to participate in or benefit from a program, service, or activity. The Fab School will promptly investigate any allegations of a hostile environment based on disability, take prompt and effective action to end the harassment and prevent it from recurring, and where appropriate, remedy the effects on the individual who was harassed. Individuals may file a complaint of disability harassment by contacting the Executive Director in writing via email or mail.


Disability Accommodation Requests

Potential students and enrolled students seeking reasonable accommodations may do so by placing a written request to Disability Services by using the Student Intake Form and Disability Verification Form. A request should include: name and contact information of person placing the request, information and medical documentation regarding the disability, and specific accommodation being requested. All requests will be responded to within a reasonable amount of time. Information supplied, will be used to reasonably attempt to overcome the effects of conditions that limit the participation of the qualified disabled person. Decisions regarding the exact accommodations to be provided are made on an individual basis.

Individuals wishing to file a complaint regarding this policy may do so by following the institution’s grievance policy.

Current Students with Accommodation Plan
Students that are currently enrolled and have an accommodation plan, must use the Student Service Request Form for additional service requests outside of normal class hours.

Forms and Policies

Note Taking Policy
Disability Confidentiality Policy
Disability Appeal Process
Disability Verification Form
Student Intake Form
Student Service Request Form
Student Responsibilities – Interpreters

*policies updated as of April 21. 2014