Skills USA

Skills USA

The Fab School to host the 2019 SkillsUSA California State Welding Fabrication Contest

The Fab School is proud to be a part of the prestigious skills & leadership conference put on by SkillsUSA this weekend. We value their dedication to passing on opportunities to today’s youth and know that each of these events ignites our future fabricators to turn their passion into a successful career.

This weekend at The Fab School teams will build a personal utility wagon and will be judged on safety, welding skills, cutting skills, teamwork, fabrication accuracy, ability to follow blueprint specs and verbal project description.

Teams will have 6 hours to complete this project and will be judged throughout the process.

All of us at The Fab School are excited and honored to be a part of this event and look forward to sharing with you some behind the scenes on our social pages, follow @thefabschool on Instagram & Facebook throughout the weekend to catch all the action during and after the competition.

About SkillsUSA

Since 1967, SkillsUSA California has provided leadership training to students and instructors in the career and technical education sectors.

Implementing the SkillsUSA Career Essentials instructional materials and assessments along with three levels of skill and leadership events, SkillsUSA encourages growth through participation in leadership and skill activities to enhance classroom learning. SkillsUSA California membership continues to grow and serve more student and professional members throughout our great State. Our SkillsUSA California state membership for 2017-18 is currently at 36,250 – the largest state association in the NATION! SkillsUSA California was recognized in 2018 by the national office for having the largest overall membership increase, largest overall membership percentage increase, largest middle school membership, and the largest high school membership – GREAT JOB SkillsUSA California, 36,250 members strong! SkillsUSA California is excited to celebrate our 52nd year of operation, and, as the LARGEST State Association in the Nation. We hope you will consider joining SkillsUSA California and share the excitement with our state SkillsUSA California, Champions at Work!

Skills USA California

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