Fabricator / Professional Racer | Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson graduated from our Fundamentals of Fabrication program in 2014 and has since furthered himself in his career. Not only is Luke a professional driver and team owner but is now able to do his fabrication in house instead of outsourcing all of his work. Luke has recently worked hard to race to the front of the pack and bring his team to the winners circle during the TORC series. “When I’m not racing I am a driving instructor for our family business. I have been busy with the driving school, traveling around to different branches of the military as a driving instructor,” Luke told The Fab School.

We asked Luke a few questions about where he is now after graduating The Fab School. Check out what he said –

What got you interested in The Fab School? While I was racing Side X Side’s’ and working closely with fabricator Chad Mittag I became fascinated with fabricating. It seemed like a cool way to build things. I was constantly paying people to build things for me and when I became a team owner I didn’t want to rely on anyone else, I would rather do it on my own.

Why did you choose The Fab School? I wanted to be able to fabricate and build my own things instead of sending them off to everyone else.

What industry would you like to start  your career in? Off-Road!

What is  your DREAM job? I am doing it!image1

Are you currently employed? YES If yes, where?I am a professional driver, team owner, part owner of our driving school, and a fabricator!

If you could own ANY car, what would it be? Besides my race trucks I’ve had my eyes on the Audi R8.

What is the most surprising skill you learned at The Fab School? The Fab School opened my eyes and showed me what is possible with the things right in front of me. The ability to make do with what you have. Going to The Fab School made my brain work a little harder and get creative.

Tell us a little about yourself. I am a racer, team owner, partial owner of the driving schools, part time fabricator and driving instructor. I’ve been busy with the driving school traveling around to different branches of the military as a driving instructor.

The Fab School is proud to have Luke Johnson represent The Fab School as an All-Star Graduate. Luke is living life doing what he loves.

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