Aerospace Welder | Arthur Yankilevich

Welder | Steico Industries

Arthur Yankovitch graduated from The Fab School in 2014 and has since been on an upward climb in the Welding industry. Arthur has had his share of setbacks and difficulties to overcome; never letting the fact that he is deaf get in the way of his career goals. Determined to be one of the best welders in his class at The Fab School Arthur set his goals high and has since moved up in his welding career. After obtaining many different AWS welding certificates, Arthur is now an aerospace welder at Steico Industries in Oceanside, California.

“I love Welding, especially in the Aerospace business”, Arthur is set on making a name for himself in both the Welding industry and deaf community.

Arthur also has experience in Aerospace at Arrowhead Products. In 1962 Arrowhead was a pioneer in the space industry, Arrowhead Products was awarded the prime contract from NASA to design and manufacture the entire propellant system First Stage Apollo Booster Rocket.


We caught up with Arthur to find out a little more about his new career!! 

What do you love about your career?  

What I love about my job is working on government projects, working on parts for NASA, the Military Jet Airplane Duct System, and other projects. And it’s great pay too!!

What are your duties at Arrowhead? 

I am a Journeyman Welder. I TIG weld stainless steel, titanium and nickel as well as deburr, fit and polish.

How did The Fab School help you land this career? What skills did you learn at The Fab School that you are now using at your career? 

The skills I learned from The Fab School, especially TIG welding techniques, properly using tools for fine finish and sheet metal fabrication, really help me in my daily duties.


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