Custom Builder | Brendan Shanahan

Brendan Shanahan has loved the off road industry for many years and now after graduating from The Fab School has the opportunity to make a career doing what he loves. Brendan’s passion for the metal fabrication industry was his motivation to ignite his career at The Fab School. If you can enjoy going to work each and every day, why not DO IT!

Brendan graduated from The Fab School in April of 2016 ready to jumpstart his career and he is doing just that!  

Brendan is building custom jeeps, from mall crawlers to down right rock crawlers.

“I love that I have a career in the off road industry. I am constantly learning the ins and outs of what makes a capable off road vehicle, and sharing my knowledge to others that share the same passion.”

My daily motivation comes from wanting constant improvement in welding and fabrication, striving to be the best and maintain the cleanest work. The Fab School helped me by understanding the geometry behind what makes a rig capable off road and safe enough to take a hit or roll over if such a thing might happen.

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