Weld Inspector | Jeff Hansen

Jeff Hansen graduated from The Fab School in 2013 determined to immediately land a successful career. Hansen took the skills he gained from his training at The Fab School to his career and is now a Quality Control Manager at a Barn & Steele Mezzanine company where he inspects welds produced by three different welding shops.


We caught up with Jeff and you can too:

What are your current job duties? My current job duties include inspecting finished product barn walls, gables, trusses and doors that are all fabricated in two full welding shops. I also inspect our structural products, columns, beams, and custom fabricated parts.

What do you love about your career? I love the opportunity that I have been given by my company to show them I can be a great asset to them.

What motivates you to continue your growth in the metal fabrication & welding industry? The thing that motivates me is helping the new welders that we hire produce a better weld on our product, which in turn is more efficient.

How did The Fab School help you get to where you are in your career today? One of the skills I use daily from The Fab School is the type of Mig welding that I learned has help me teach the new welders we hire how to weld thin gauge metal together with pulse welding.

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