High School Shop Teacher Inspires Young Fabricators

Thank you Monrovia High School

Le Quesne said in a recent article published on FFJournal.net, “The default position of many parents is to encourage their children to dig themselves into sometimes insurmountable debt by pursuing one or more four-year degree programs. By contrast, welding is and will increasingly be a pathway to a long and rewarding career in an industry which will experience insatiable demand for decades to come.” 

We at The Fab School couldn’t agree with Le Quesne more, and see a breath of fresh air with every High School shop class that comes in to tour our campus. Last week we had the Monrovia High School Auto Class come in with their teacher Mr. Montenegro, and the passion that poured from those students to get more hands-on training for a career they are truly passionate about was amazing, to say the least. Mr. Montenegro is passionate about passing on the trades to his students and even goes as far as providing, out of his own pocket, the materials for these students to learn on.

Gretchen Salois also reported in her article, Jobs in the trades retain a negative stigma but that hasn’t stunted industry growth—yet. “The welding industry alone is expected to produce at least 5,000 new job openings each year in the U.S., at the same time that the talent pool is decreasing,” Monica Pfarr, executive director at the American Welding Society Foundation (AWS). Pfarr says, “Welding skills, in particular, are broadly transferable across different manufacturing industries and can be viewed as a highly salable, high-tech occupation.”

Parents, just because your child is thinking of taking their career down a different path don’t be discouraged. According to AWS, the U.S. is expected to have a shortage of 400,000 welders by 2024 so take comfort in knowing that the skill-set your child is about to master will provide a solid and rewarding career for them and their families.

Check out FFJournal.net, for their full article and others on where and how our industry is booming.