Which program will best fuel your passions?

From designing full roll cages to designing products then operating and programming cnc machines the students at The Fab School are receiving the training our industry needs. Metal Fabrication employers are in need of hiring skilled workers, from custom builds to manufacturing companies, our partners hire graduates to work in all kinds of industries.

Digital Design & Manufacturing

The Digital Design & Manufacturing program is designed to provide students with the occupational training, knowledge and skill-sets required by employers for employment in the use of CAD (computer aided design) software for 3D part modeling, machining, and sheet metal cutting and forming. The curriculum embraces the hands-on approach to learning, and the class size is designed to provide individualized instruction as well as group project work. Students attending will develop the knowledge and a full range of digital designing and manufacturing skill-sets necessary for entry-level employment, using the most widely used software design technology.

Fundamentals of Fabrication

The Fundamentals of Fabrication program objective is to provide students with occupational training required for employment in the field of metal fabrication and welding. The curriculum is accelerated while embracing the hands-on approach to learning. Students can complete the program in as little as 7 months.