Digital Design & Manufacturing

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The Digital Design & Manufacturing program is designed to provide students with the occupational training, knowledge and skill-sets required by employers for employment in the use of CAD (computer aided design) software for 3D part modeling, machining, and sheet metal cutting and forming. The curriculum embraces the hands-on approach to learning, and the class size is designed to provide individualized instruction as well as group project work. Students attending will develop the knowledge and a full range of digital designing and manufacturing skill-sets necessary for entry-level employment, using the most widely used sofware design technology.

Graduates of the Digital Design & Manufacturing program will be qualified for entry-level positions with the knowledge and skill-sets to readily meet the increasing needs of the manufacturing industry. Graduates of the program will be qualified for various positions in digital design & manufacturing-related occupations.

Upon successful completion of the Digital Design & Manufacturing program, graduates will have a greater understanding of the entire Design & Manufacturing process. Through hands-on learning experiences, graduates will have successfully demonstrated skill-sets and capabilities in digital part design, planning, assembly modeling, blueprints and 3D modeling using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and CAM (Computer Aided Machining) software for CNC machining and Laser cutting and forming. Graduates will complete best-practice set-up techniques for both manual and CNC machinery which will provide them with the broader understanding, knowledge, skills, and experience employers are looking for in a prospective applicant. Graduates will have demonstrated proficiency in the use of CAD as a tool for part and product design methods. Graduates will develop proficiency, through instructional and practical experiences, to conceive, design parts and assemblies while planning the machining or fabrication process through a typical shop workflow environment. Graduates will have completed a team project requiring a collaborative effort with fellow students working in a 3D environment. Students graduating the Digital Design & Manufacturing program will have a better understanding of the machine shop, cutting tools, measuring tools, lathe and mill tooling, laser cutting, sheet metal forming and plasma cutting based upon shop experiences.

Program Breakdown

Module Approximate Hours        
101 Introduction to CAD 21
102 Precision Measuring 14
103 2D Drawing 30
104 3D Modeling 120
105 Assemblies 158
106 Drafts / Blueprints 30
107 3D Printing 30
108 Scan Based Design / Reverse Engineering 35
109 Manual Machining 45
110 CNC Lathe 49
111 CNC Mill 56
112 Sheet Metal 42
113 CNC Plasma 7
114 CNC Laser 35
115 CNC Press Brake 28
116 Finite Element Analysis 28
Total Hours 728

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help answer any questions you may have. If you still have questions please feel free to call us at 1-877-411-WELD or request more information and we will be happy to give you a call.

Classes for our Digital Design & Manufacturing program are held Monday – Thursday from 8am-4pm.

We have a few seats open for our next program that begins this May so be sure to come in and take a tour if you are interested before we are full.

This program is a 728 clock hour program that is held Monday – Thursday from 8am-4pm. Students graduate in about 6 months after beginning this program.

Yes, The Fab School is approved to offer qualified students federal loans, Title IV grants, private loans, scholarships and military benefits. Financial aid includes grants (free money you do not have to pay back) or loans (money that you have to pay back). To see if you qualify for financial aid, please contact our financial aid department at 1-877-411-WELD or email them at

All applicants are required to be at least seventeen years old and meet all other admission requirements. To see if you meet all other admission requirements, please contact us today at 877-411-WELD or

Applicants must supply one of the following documents:
• High school diploma recognized by the student’s state
• State-issued GED; or
• Successful completion of homeschooling officially recognized by the state of residence or an approved online high school diploma.

To get started, contact us today at 877-411-WELD or


We will provide you with everything you need, including a computer and the software needed throughout your program.

No advanced computer skills are necessary.

We will walk through all aspects of the Solidworks software interface and use throughout the program.

Common computer knowledge and ability to do tasks such as moving, saving and copying files and folders is required.

Any additional knowledge or use of other computer software will definitely help with the understanding of the workflow.

No prerequisites are required to take this course.

Basic computer skills are needed to be able to handle the workflow of moving, copying and saving files.

Admissions requirements can be found here //

Our Digital Design & Manufacturing program is not currently offered at night but we do offer our Fundamentals of Fabrication program in the evenings which is held Monday-Thursday from 6pm-10pm.

Yes, The Fab School offers job placement assistance to all graduates that have successfully completed the program.

For more information on our placement history please see our Performance Fact Sheet.